Solmaz Esmailzadeh - Roootin's Iranian Kitchen

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A Culinary Journey Rooted in Tradition

Roootin’s Iranian Kitchen offers a close look into the kitchen of an Iranian family, showing how they used traditional Iranian influences to create their signature Roootin taste. Combining traditional Middle Eastern influences with Western food culture, they came up with a cuisine which reflects their roots.

The recipes in this book have been carefully created by mum and daughter, and range from aromatic stews packed with Middle Eastern spices, to avocado toast with za’atar, and mum’s delicious sweets and bakes. Roootin’s Iranian Kitchen brings together the essentials of Iranian cuisine, the healing properties and social aspects of food, with insights into the joy and process of creating food from scratch, to inspire you to cook with love and passion.


Paperback / softback
Bertram + de Leeuw Uitgevers BV